What if you have resolved diastasis recti – no more gap, feeling strong and functional, and yet your abs are not quite as flat and firm as they had been before pregnancy?

Restoring proper length and tone to the “6-pack” muscles

Today is one of the rare Saturdays during this 30-day Metabolic Re-set Challenge that I recommend performing a 25-minute workout, Firm Flat & Fabulous, as opposed to (or in addition to!) a fun family activity. In addition to engaging the deep core (your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor), this workout fires up the entire length of your rectus abdominis to help restore proper, healthy contractile tension in the most superficial muscle layer. The rectus abdominis is  your “6-pack” muscle that lies directly underneath the skin. When we perform core compressions, drawing the belly button up and in toward the spine as we lift and engage the pelvic floor, we resolve diastasis recti by reducing the gap between the two halves of the rectus.

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