Natural remedies for saggy post-pregnancy breasts.

Who wants saggy boobs? No one! A common cosmetic complaint following pregnancy is breast sag. This phenomenon is caused by the increased size and density of the breasts during pregnancy, which can overstretch the skin and damage the connective tissue within the breast. It is not caused, as commonly assumed, by the act of breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding followed by gradual weaning can help lessen that empty, deflated appearance because it allows fat tissue to fill the space left behind as the milk ducts shrink. Even among moms whose breastfeeding came to an abrupt end, the breasts will usually recover from that initial deflated condition to plumper, pre-pregnancy size within six months.

But size isn’t everything! To perk up your peaches, here are 10 essential tips to support the health and integrity of breast tissue:

  1. Breastfeed and wean gradually
  2. Consume plenty of animal-based broths, stewed meats and sauces made of drippings. These foods are naturally rich in complete collagen, which helps protect the connective tissue in the breasts from damage.
  3. Eat grass-fed butter or ghee (clarified butter), a rich source of bioavailable vitamin A.
  4. Incorporate fatty fish (wild salmon, sardines, etc.) into your diet twice a week for omega-3s.
  5. Consider adding 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil to your daily diet. Carlson is a good brand, and the lemon flavor tastes great – not even a hint of fishiness!
  6. When finished weaning, consider adding a collagen supplement to your daily regimen. Look for a product that includes collagen types 1, 2 and 3.
  7. To promote circulation, finish every shower as follows: 45 sec. very hot water (never burning) + 15 sec. very cold water (yowza!)*. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times and always finish with the cold phase. Towel dry vigorously.
  8. Wear a supportive bra, especially when running, jumping or performing other impactful exercises.
  9. Hydrate well with plenty of water and broth.
  10. Build tone and tautness in the chest muscles with exercises like incline push-ups and chest press.

*Hot/cold contrast showers are not recommended during pregnancy.

By Leah Keller, Creator of The Dia Method. Learn more about Leah at