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Leah Keller CPT, MA

Leah Keller is a recognized expert in pre- and postnatal fitness and a nationally certified personal trainer.

The Dia Method grew out of her successful private training practice in New York City and, she is now expanding her reach with a new location in San Francisco. In addition to personal coaching, Leah also provides expert education and consultation services to private fitness and Pilates studios that wish to tailor their programs to meet the needs of pregnant and postpartum clientele. Leah prepares women for childbirth by guiding them through revolutionary exercises that strengthen them for labor and prepare them for a quick, complete postnatal recovery. She keeps her clients safe, strong and confident during pregnancy and coaches them to optimal fitness post-delivery, helping them achieve firm, flat abdominal muscles and core strength. With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, Leah has a proven track record of restoring women of all ages to fitness levels that equal and often surpass their pre-baby shape.

Interested in training privately with Leah, either online or in person? Check out Leah’s personal training website leahkeller.com. She occasionally teaches live group classes in San Francisco. Click here to register for an upcoming class with Leah.