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Boost breast milk production

Yes, there are proven strategies to boost breast milk production naturally. Although breastfeeding is undoubtedly a natural phenomenon, the initial learning curve can be frustratingly steep.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, “breast is best.” Yes, there are powerful proven health benefits to breastfeeding. However, many mothers suffer excruciating personal guilt and judgment from other moms when they…


Great sex tips to enjoy this sexy, romantic time with your partner.

Sex during pregnancy

I’m well into the second trimester of my first pregnancy, and in my opinion pregnant sex is better than ever! First trimester not so much – nausea, fatigue and overall feelings of crappiness combined with nervousness about possible miscarriage made for a not-so-hot few months. Although we were assured that, medically speaking, sex was safe…


Beauty from the inside out

Squelch Cellulite!

Cellulite is a frustrating issue that many women go to great lengths to banish, often spending impressive sums of money on creams and expensive treatments that accomplish tiny, temporary improvements at best. I still remember when my 14-year-old cousin was featured in an “after” shot for a cellulite cream. Clearly there wasn’t much truth in…


honeymoon in Greece

Modern Fertility: Our Journey

After years of responsibly avoiding pregnancy, my husband and I found ourselves touring Greece during our honeymoon in May 2010 with exactly the opposite hope. Now we were ready to conceive. As we waited at various ports for a ship to carry us to yet another breathtaking destination, we often passed the time sipping something…


Natural remedies for saggy post-pregnancy breasts.

Perky or bust! 10 essential tips

Who wants saggy boobs? No one! A common cosmetic complaint following pregnancy is breast sag. This phenomenon is caused by the increased size and density of the breasts during pregnancy, which can overstretch the skin and damage the connective tissue within the breast. It is not caused, as commonly assumed, by the act of breastfeeding.…


Consider modifying or temporarily suspending your running routine during pregnancy.

Running during pregnancy?

To Run, or Not to Run? I’m frequently asked my thoughts on running during pregnancy. While it’s a great cardiovascular workout with health benefits for both mom and baby, there are a few important reasons to modify and temporarily suspend your running regimen.  Here are a few guidelines to follow when your OB has given…