How pregnancy can change a runner's gait - experts recommend strengthening the abs first!

Reported this Wednesday on the NYTimes Blog, Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit, a professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, discusses the correct way to strengthen the core post-pregnancy to restore pelvic stability:

“Relying on that gym standby, crunches, won’t do the trick, though, Dr. Heiderscheit says. They don’t activate the small muscles deep within the abdomen. Instead, he suggests pulling the belly up and in multiple times and also ‘imagining that you’re trying to cut off the flow of urine.’”

Dr. Heiderscheit just described The Dia Method’s postnatal Rx for core compressions combined with Kegels!

He continues in the next paragraph:

“Using those techniques, together with traditional abdominal exercises like squats, planks and bridges (instructions for these can be found on The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy’s Web site), can help stabilize the pelvic area.”

The Dia Method workouts incorporate squats, planks and bridges throughout. The article then wraps with this recommendation:

“After medical clearance, consider starting an exercise program designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles.”

Amazing. The Dia Method is just what the doctor ordered!
Check out the full article here – and watch for a new blog post soon with my recommendations on running (or not) during and after pregnancy!

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