Who doesn’t like to finish a meal with a few bites of decadence? This combination is deliciously satisfying, and it’s compatible with low-carb lifestyles.


2-3 pieces of dark chocolate (at least 70%, my pick: Green & Black’s 85%)

2-3 teaspoons coconut butter (Artisana is a good brand, available at Whole Foods and Amazon)


Break chocolate apart into separate pieces. Stir the coconut butter (should be stored at room temperature – the oil will rise to the top). Top each piece of chocolate with about one teaspoon of coconut butter.

Optional addition:

Place a single, fresh raspberry atop each chocolate-coconut square. A burst of juicy delight to accent the rich, creamy coconut butter and the deep, dark chocolate!

The health benefits of dark chocolate are well known. For more about why coconut is a super food, read this post. Savor each bite, and know you’re not sacrificing your waistline as you treat yourself to a healthy, nutritious dessert!

By Leah Keller, Creator of The Dia Method. Learn more about Leah at leahkeller.com.