Royal Mommy Tummy

As Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, elegantly emerged from hospital with Prince William to present their infant son to the world, she looked positively radiant. I’m disgusted and saddened to read media attacks on her mommy tummy a mere 2 days after childbirth.

There are several reasons a mother’s body does not snap back to pre-pregnancy shape 48 hours after delivery. For one, it takes weeks for the uterus to shrink back to pre-baby size. Secondly, the abdominal muscles are stretched out and likely separated – thankfully it is possible to rehabilitate the post-pregnancy abdominal wall without surgery. The Dia Method offers every woman a non-invasive solution to reverse abdominal separation and restore firm, flat abs. But nothing short of magic is going to obliterate all physical signs of a full term pregnancy two days after birth. Yes, Kate can – and I’m confident she will – nurture her body back to pre-baby shape on a reasonable human timeline. But her priority at this precise moment is to love and celebrate the arrival of her healthy baby. The cruel attacks launched on her less-than-bikini-ready body reflect the intense scrutiny placed on all of us as women and mothers.

I make it my business to inspire, motivate and equip mothers of every age to achieve their health and fitness goals. I urge women to never settle for less than optimal health, strength and fitness. It’s a healthy act of self-love for a mother to carve out time to give back to her amazing, life-giving body – for health, for vanity, and simply to feel like herself again after the radical transformation of pregnancy and birth.  Choosing to be fit is always healthier when driven from a deep internal motivation rather than external pressures to achieve a certain ideal, to feel worthy of love, or to avoid public ridicule. Let’s strive to be a living example to our daughters as women who love our bodies and treat them with respect in every stage of life.

By Leah Keller, Creator of The Dia Method. Learn more about Leah at