Calling all grandmothers! It’s not too late to get flat abs!

In addition to helping new moms get their bodies back, I’ve worked with older moms and even grandmothers to help them restore flat abs with proven exercise during menopause and beyond– decades after their muscles separated!

Correct core training

The same exercises that help new moms recover from pregnancy will help any woman achieve a strong core and flat abs, in addition to improving pelvic floor function. Just 10 minutes a day of core compressions (see Disc 2: 10 Minutes Flat) are proven to cure the pooch. In addition to flat abs, many women also experience a reduction in back pain and improved bladder control from these core-strengthening exercises! For more advice on exercises to embrace and moves to avoid, check out these online posts: Training Tips to Tone your Tummy and Bye, Bye Bicycle Crunches.

Burn belly fat

The hormonal shift of menopause leaves many frustrated women with an unwanted “spare tire” despite their best efforts to stay healthy and fit. In one important way this parallels the post-pregnancy hormonal change that causes some women to hold onto extra weight. Following both pregnancy and menopause, insulin response is often exaggerated. Insulin is the master regulator of our fat cells. When insulin levels are elevated, we store fat. That’s why the most effective way to curb excess fat storage is to squelch the voluntary trigger for insulin release: carbohydrate consumption. In other words, eat fewer servings of carbohydrate dense foods, such as breads, pastas, sweets and starchy vegetables. This is, by far, the most important step you can take to banish belly fat. The postnatal nutrition plan (included in the 10 Minutes Flat postnatal system) will walk you through a healthy and sustainable 3-phase approach to do just that. For a few quick tips on simple steps in that direction, read this article.

Rev the metabolism

As we age, we tend to lose lean body mass… and as our muscle tissue diminishes, our metabolism slows. The best way to maintain and even increase your metabolic rate is to perform strength training with weights, resistance bands and/or body weight at least twice a week. Studies show that resistance training twice a week is sufficient to prevent muscle loss and boost metabolism, even as you burn off excess body fat. The Dia Method postnatal video series includes several total body strength workouts that are safe, efficient and effective for exercise during menopause. Personal training at home or a gym is another great option.

Aging, like pregnancy, can take a toll on a woman’s body. But with these medically proven tools you have tremendous power to enjoy optimal health and fitness through all of life’s transitions.

By Leah Keller, Creator of The Dia Method. Learn more about Leah at


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