Postnatal: 10 Minutes Flat

  • Efficient – minutes a day
  • Achieve a strong core, tight waist and flat abs
  • Proven to cure mommy pooch in less than 12 weeksStudy conducted by Weill Cornell Medical School, presented at ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting 2014.

In addition to a complete postnatal workout system, you will learn how to strengthen your core – both your abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor, how to recover optimally from a C-section, plus tips to maximize the benefit of wearing a corset. It’s never too late to get your body back, no matter how long ago you had kids… or how many you have!

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Postnatal 9 DVD workout system

9 DVDs, including 6 workouts + 3 essential guides (and 1 bonus!) to achieve and maintain the best body of your life. Includes the 3-Phase Fat Burn Nutrition Plan to lose the baby weight, safe even while breastfeeding.

Postnatal: 10 Minutes Flat
  • Firm Foundation disc 1

    Disc 1 Firm Foundation

    Learn the science behind the Dia Method and how it works to restore firm, flat abdominal muscles after pregnancy.

  • 10 Minutes Flat Workout disc 2

    Disc 2 10 Minutes Flat Workout

    Firm and flatten your abs in just 10 minutes a day.

  • Mama's First Steps Workout disc 3

    Disc 3 Mama's First Steps Workout

    Strengthen and tone your entire post-pregnancy body.

  • Sexy Mama! Workout disc 4

    Disc 4 Sexy Mama! Workout

    Sculpt and strengthen your butt and thighs.

  • Toned Arms & Tiny Waist Workout disc 5

    Disc 5 Toned Arms & Tiny Waist Workout

    Define your arms and whittle your waist.

  • Firm, Flat & Fabulous Workout disc 6

    Disc 6 Firm, Flat & Fabulous Workout

    Firm and flatten your abs, shrink your waistline and strengthen your back.

  • Brava, Bella! Workout disc 7

    Disc 7 Brava, Bella! Workout

    Advanced total body workout that tones major muscle groups simultaneously.

  • Everyday Moves: Healing Power disc 8

    Disc 8 Everyday Moves: Healing Power

    Learn how to safely lift your baby, push a stroller and perform other new mom activities as you strengthen your core.

  • Heal Faster & Flatter disc 9

    Disc 9 Heal Faster & Flatter

    Recover quickly and beautifully with these essential post-pregnancytips -- including post-Caesarean.