Royal Mommy Tummy

Royal Grace

As Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, elegantly emerged from hospital with Prince William to present their infant son to the world, she looked positively radiant. I’m disgusted and saddened to read media attacks on her mommy tummy a mere 2 days after childbirth. There are several reasons a mother’s body does not snap back to pre-pregnancy…


Celebrate summer with a delicious, buttery salad!

Celebrate summer with a delicious, buttery salad! Buttery? Really? The first time I made this salad a few weeks ago – a spontaneous combination of what we had on hand, my husband’s first comment was, “Wow! This salad tastes amazing – it’s buttery!” Butter lettuce was a main ingredient, which admittedly doesn’t taste like butter……


Prenatal wall sit

Exercise during Pregnancy: Safe and Smart

Moderation is golden! Moderate exercise during pregnancy is wonderful for both mother and baby. And so is adequate rest. Pace yourself. Aim for about 30 minutes of moderate exercise 4-6 days a week – a brisk walk, a swim, a light resistance workout or prenatal yoga. If you’re having a low energy day and time…